We all looking to a different thing each and every day.

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What we do not realize its here with us yet it takes a little extra effort.

To be a princess or win one one must surround or adopt a ,lifestyle of one as a heir of a King and Queen.

One has to be passionate about ones looks and grooming and match the times the events and persons plus brands they associate with.

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Guide To My Unborn Daughter



Princess, I bow to you with honor and pride and bless your moment of conception and bless her highness my highness your highness, the Mother of yours.



By the time t’shall be in thy arms these you shall have read or in thy heart you shall have conceived my wishes. Understanding that being of a refined nature I shall name you Marietta (Alexis) that is if thy mother shall not object or shall adopt the name as befitting.  Well even your brother Padua has his name out of inspiration from the Saintly life I have striven to live and believe as my wish too: thou shalt live.


You are wise and beloved to me and I thought about you a long while and blessed your Temple before its construction through your Beloved mom. It is love that made me and your mother become one and subdue this earth through you and your brother. Yet it is this same love that shall be your victory over the world.

Education, I shall let you enjoy the best. I shall invest thoroughly. Yet rely on God’s wisdom even after acquiring knowledge. Be learned and always , always ask why? Why do this not …and why him? Your boyfriend has to be a God-fearing one and if he is not then challenge him whatever his Faith remember the trust in your self and the worth the esteem in you shall be flagships of the radar in your relations with men.


As you grow your mum shall be a friend and guide you, be keen to listen to her intently and follow her wise counsels.

Speak to her like a best friend and always be of sound help and motivation to whatever she is achieving or has achieved all for you and the family. If it occurs that I am not present regard her the same respect and honor as you would I. And impossibly I may lack not to be present, so love her as much as I.


Remember there shall come a time a man shall be espoused to you and thy heart, always remember to seek God’s guidance or Allah’s , if not then seek your moral concept and thy conscience. Being without a belief would not be the best but try practice the beliefs with True insights and Oneness. For the history and order of such have a basis and sole ground an transpire through the universe as the stars in the sky and sands of the sea with great Mysteries that only a Holy person can intersect the meanings underlying.


Your health is very important so check after the meals you take and how you take them. So goes with the drinks and the content visual or audio or textual. Seek moral and purity of heart and mind through chastity and guarding of sight plus heart. Remember your heart hidden in the Lord shall block a lot from sifting through thy ears and senses. Always be discerning and ask the conscious through the Spirit or Will and intellect to judge your ways through evil and good.



Death is another side that shall haunt your calmness yet it’s a sweet mystery if you can contemplate on Christ’s or the lessons behind the loss. Seek to always expose virtue and your clothing should always be Modest. If your brother (Padua) won’t be all virtuous it shall be your cross to rectify his habits. Your prayers and example shall be. If you shall be the one in malice and under thy mother’s contempt then Modest (Padua) shall be thy mortifier.


Practice of self-denial by giving alms and  denying thy body the best of what you love and reduction of your worst of habits in play shall go a long way to making you a woman treasured by God and men, the source and the creatures. Again remember to be kind to animals as they are part of our creation.


In the end beloved Alexis remember your brother has the same so is your sister. If you shall miss a brother Christ or Allah shall be if not then I or the man who inspires you to live through these pieces.


Be honest and always practice integrity notwithstanding where with whom and when. Your girlfriends should be the least if they do not hold solid sordid morals or higher purpose for their own self-worth will and happiness –health inclusive. Be temperate with talk about people ,gossip, and talk about vices ..too much wine and over indulgence. From the Book of Life or Quran you shall be able to live a Silent Tranquil life and uphold a noble lifestyle.


Remember solitude in prayer , silence in heart and mediation and mindfulness shall help you not be anxious and appreciate your lone time and not seek popularism or fame with beings which are short-lived as opposed to Peace of mind and heart in silent good deeds and unappreciative odd jobs where you can volunteer. Value for value, rationale over money and in-depth beauty over indulgence or immorality.

Be thy own keeper and lover by seeking answers from self your worth your values and key virtuousness.




At the end of day will ya have an irony of your life or Love?

For its X mass month and the end of year is here. You like I have long awaited the festivities that come along with these seductive packaged season. But oh my oh my only the Lord if he could had been Santa knows. Gifting us with the loads of red and white souvenirs and boxes that our wallets never tend to configure to affording till late of year.

But was I really about Christmas? Oh nop! I am here because of you and I.Friends they normally there to support us and help us. But I have ever encountered friends with gift packages that are custom made for their own consumption. Like Willy a banker would come to me a mechanic and we would share stories of our lives or past and experiences yet…

When Willy bought a vehicle he went to the other garage in town to kanja (cash) the most executive car repair place in town with all his monies. Nowadays he rarely does tag his ass on the stone by my mabati garage for a piga domo venture of our humble days. Styling a grey Nissan he waves as he passes by for he even shifted from your kuleni shida estate.

So I’m not perturbed as he got a very lavish darling that makes his days worthwhile.Not until he started getting hooked to a bevy of rogue asses. And he started avoiding not only my calls but also his wife’s and his house presence and matched into lavish hotels.Then came the bank loan that he had never cleared.

By the time my garage was booming and I adopted one with an investor,Daimlertech,in the motor vehicle industry that awarded me a Discovery. As I moved closer to his Runda neighborhood from Carlif he moved closer to the noose.Life at times takes a turn.

The girlfriend who claimed to love me and was with him all forfeiting the now sida haven that was not so promising anymore to be a red of roses.Well now you know …He came to me via buzzing after the buzz of life got him dazzled on the way forward. He wanted a meeting. Yet I agreed whilst Mutua hom they drank Moet bottles with cashing the Westalnds Tune hotel bar with his bank payrolls and savings was incognito- vermoose.

Before the meeting Wawera also called and Achieng’. Wawera wanted me back for she was so madly desperate in a fountain of apologies that hakuwa amelipia. Whilst Achieng’ was the lady who I had dated when Wawera left and when I had no money could keep me company and well she did help.

We met with Mutua after Willy and he offered me a drink and I paid the bill but left the drink there. For a friend in deed he wasn’t after I had shared quarter of the burden of Willy with giving him the best piece of advice as the monetary value that I could best afford in my loaded budget to squeeze through outta ma wallet.So Akinyi’s call was an alarm that I would get hoaxed by the bankers proposal.

So I ended up in prison for two months but was bailed out after it was identified that Akinyi had plotted the case against me after snooping on my phone and checking Wawera’s fountain of pleas.Now I am very much musing on the ironies of Life and Love in my head – well is it possibly also my sanity or Mind? Hahaha Niko welle welle & he’s not Na Akinyi.

Papa Jones told me like the Kansoul don’t be hustling for too long for Professer Jay alisema Maisha ni kama Bob Collymore making millions out of ma dot.coms

Usione tumefika.hahahaha!




Whenever need meets a need there’s a want.


Dear Love, it is in me the white rose that I never gave as I did the rose to them who are not

Worth the color of passion yet

Would my need for you be as yours for me?

Time only tells ..and were I to be

Or go broke ;would time allow me to catch up

With you-for you may be too fly fleeting in another love as you are

If not let the sun not shine again

For I shall have my shining star already

And my times will be featured in the lime

For my heart in yours as always been,will & deem light

Ow! What an orange rose

I shall carry on my coat and let black

Feel the power of love politicized on it

As if white had never colonized me before

But hoping the yellow rose heals the dispute

We carried deep within for a while so

That your smile will let me pick the

Pink rose on our way to Java

For how warm Nairobi the green city feels

When your lips sip on coffee brown

It is but the color of your red lips touching the steam

& drink makes my black pupils explode in True Love.(NOT A MAGazine)

Hustling From State House/White House Toilet?

Clinton or Trump? Uhuru or Raila?

None of them does not go to the toilet but there is a similarity and differences in these couples.Ask me.

Well both are contesting for seats. While I am watching them like you from one seat all of us sit on.The race to State house or the White house is like colonial eras of individuals whom we know are either full of ‘sheets of paper‘ or have their shit together.

I do know I have one hole and so I would put all in view into my shitty perspective.That power deludes the man who has it for sure it does at times.So Trump talks of ….and Clinton… its like a mother and father fighting for ones own child to spare them the trouble of landing into hell and securing them a mansion in heaven.

In our country Raila speaks of… while Honorable Uhuru says We can learn alot from our own personas by viewing and scrutinizing the visions and missions of two well endowed individuals we respect.

From my sitting I can say we can say that if you shit a lot you are healthy. Most likely people do not see this but they shall watch how much that food makes your brawns or brain work.

This for me tells you I lov e shitting but i leave the shit up to you to shit about.

Goodbye long shitters or wealthy ones and short shitters the broke ones.

Ideas or just TALK?

It is not you…

You have done your best to be kind, generous, friendly and understanding towards others.  You consider yourself a peaceful, relaxed and easy to talk to kind of person. You work on your inner self c…

Source: It is not you…


Interviews. We ever go for them when some promising position crops up.


I was once there and I can as well still barber let’s say you were the candidate for the job or interviewee.This guy does a perfect job for very moderated affordable prices and offers.1465646594721

And nowadays there is even a Tuesday’s offer at Ksh. 80.Very early at 8 he is always open and closes at 9 p.m or half past. At the bypass roundabout once you notice the Toy center pinned to a tree on your left.Thanks and let’s meet when we need a handsome look.