We all looking to a different thing each and every day.

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What we do not realize its here with us yet it takes a little extra effort.

To be a princess or win one one must surround or adopt a ,lifestyle of one as a heir of a King and Queen.

One has to be passionate about ones looks and grooming and match the times the events and persons plus brands they associate with.

At Princess Nail and bar salon – near Yaya all men and women from and without Kenya in Nairobi Kilimani area are most likely to feel different and love themselves more deeply as well connect with their inner beauty and interesting Life Leaders and change impactors or trend setters like Caroline Mutuku , Michelle Nkatha , Wahu Kagwi , Patrcia Kihoro , and K4 Antoneo Soul.Princess Artwork

Likes Tags Shares Comments and Reactions and Interests plus walk ins with fam and friends assures you a 20% discount and double if your reactions or invites replicate to 3 interest assured appointements, Let;s insure the difference -the change, NEW YOU!


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