Guide To My Unborn Daughter



Princess, I bow to you with honor and pride and bless your moment of conception and bless her highness my highness your highness, the Mother of yours.



By the time t’shall be in thy arms these you shall have read or in thy heart you shall have conceived my wishes. Understanding that being of a refined nature I shall name you Marietta (Alexis) that is if thy mother shall not object or shall adopt the name as befitting.  Well even your brother Padua has his name out of inspiration from the Saintly life I have striven to live and believe as my wish too: thou shalt live.


You are wise and beloved to me and I thought about you a long while and blessed your Temple before its construction through your Beloved mom. It is love that made me and your mother become one and subdue this earth through you and your brother. Yet it is this same love that shall be your victory over the world.

Education, I shall let you enjoy the best. I shall invest thoroughly. Yet rely on God’s wisdom even after acquiring knowledge. Be learned and always , always ask why? Why do this not …and why him? Your boyfriend has to be a God-fearing one and if he is not then challenge him whatever his Faith remember the trust in your self and the worth the esteem in you shall be flagships of the radar in your relations with men.


As you grow your mum shall be a friend and guide you, be keen to listen to her intently and follow her wise counsels.

Speak to her like a best friend and always be of sound help and motivation to whatever she is achieving or has achieved all for you and the family. If it occurs that I am not present regard her the same respect and honor as you would I. And impossibly I may lack not to be present, so love her as much as I.


Remember there shall come a time a man shall be espoused to you and thy heart, always remember to seek God’s guidance or Allah’s , if not then seek your moral concept and thy conscience. Being without a belief would not be the best but try practice the beliefs with True insights and Oneness. For the history and order of such have a basis and sole ground an transpire through the universe as the stars in the sky and sands of the sea with great Mysteries that only a Holy person can intersect the meanings underlying.


Your health is very important so check after the meals you take and how you take them. So goes with the drinks and the content visual or audio or textual. Seek moral and purity of heart and mind through chastity and guarding of sight plus heart. Remember your heart hidden in the Lord shall block a lot from sifting through thy ears and senses. Always be discerning and ask the conscious through the Spirit or Will and intellect to judge your ways through evil and good.



Death is another side that shall haunt your calmness yet it’s a sweet mystery if you can contemplate on Christ’s or the lessons behind the loss. Seek to always expose virtue and your clothing should always be Modest. If your brother (Padua) won’t be all virtuous it shall be your cross to rectify his habits. Your prayers and example shall be. If you shall be the one in malice and under thy mother’s contempt then Modest (Padua) shall be thy mortifier.


Practice of self-denial by giving alms and  denying thy body the best of what you love and reduction of your worst of habits in play shall go a long way to making you a woman treasured by God and men, the source and the creatures. Again remember to be kind to animals as they are part of our creation.


In the end beloved Alexis remember your brother has the same so is your sister. If you shall miss a brother Christ or Allah shall be if not then I or the man who inspires you to live through these pieces.


Be honest and always practice integrity notwithstanding where with whom and when. Your girlfriends should be the least if they do not hold solid sordid morals or higher purpose for their own self-worth will and happiness –health inclusive. Be temperate with talk about people ,gossip, and talk about vices ..too much wine and over indulgence. From the Book of Life or Quran you shall be able to live a Silent Tranquil life and uphold a noble lifestyle.


Remember solitude in prayer , silence in heart and mediation and mindfulness shall help you not be anxious and appreciate your lone time and not seek popularism or fame with beings which are short-lived as opposed to Peace of mind and heart in silent good deeds and unappreciative odd jobs where you can volunteer. Value for value, rationale over money and in-depth beauty over indulgence or immorality.

Be thy own keeper and lover by seeking answers from self your worth your values and key virtuousness.




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