Whenever need meets a need there’s a want.


Dear Love, it is in me the white rose that I never gave as I did the rose to them who are not

Worth the color of passion yet

Would my need for you be as yours for me?

Time only tells ..and were I to be

Or go broke ;would time allow me to catch up

With you-for you may be too fly fleeting in another love as you are

If not let the sun not shine again

For I shall have my shining star already

And my times will be featured in the lime

For my heart in yours as always been,will & deem light

Ow! What an orange rose

I shall carry on my coat and let black

Feel the power of love politicized on it

As if white had never colonized me before

But hoping the yellow rose heals the dispute

We carried deep within for a while so

That your smile will let me pick the

Pink rose on our way to Java

For how warm Nairobi the green city feels

When your lips sip on coffee brown

It is but the color of your red lips touching the steam

& drink makes my black pupils explode in True Love.(NOT A MAGazine)


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