Hustling From State House/White House Toilet?

Clinton or Trump? Uhuru or Raila?

None of them does not go to the toilet but there is a similarity and differences in these couples.Ask me.

Well both are contesting for seats. While I am watching them like you from one seat all of us sit on.The race to State house or the White house is like colonial eras of individuals whom we know are either full of ‘sheets of paper‘ or have their shit together.

I do know I have one hole and so I would put all in view into my shitty perspective.That power deludes the man who has it for sure it does at times.So Trump talks of ….and Clinton… its like a mother and father fighting for ones own child to spare them the trouble of landing into hell and securing them a mansion in heaven.

In our country Raila speaks of… while Honorable Uhuru says We can learn alot from our own personas by viewing and scrutinizing the visions and missions of two well endowed individuals we respect.

From my sitting I can say we can say that if you shit a lot you are healthy. Most likely people do not see this but they shall watch how much that food makes your brawns or brain work.

This for me tells you I lov e shitting but i leave the shit up to you to shit about.

Goodbye long shitters or wealthy ones and short shitters the broke ones.

Ideas or just TALK?


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