The place you need to shop is finally here and I say this without remorse for I bought my girlfriend and mum a piece from Dinka Fashion at Landmark plaza in Ruaka, opposite slaughter on Mothers day. Wow what do we have here? Nice sassy women dresses and tops so colorful women might go color blind,take care you don’t! I guess many are asking about the prices, yeah! About1465646578690

1800 for shoes till 3500 for what you need to cover the forbidden but lucky charms of Eve curvatures. Surely you like I will never regret.


How does one expect to sleep in such a porch place while they cannot afford fabulous attire and walk like Rihanna or live lavishly as Beyonce.

1465646495282.jpg 1465646574897.jpg

See my girl rocking herself and looking like ma rocking blue Beyonce , ma wifioso yea. Talk to Esther or call:0718559667 or 07137266647 Daddy or Kabaa

Business shop Stall 17.



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