Dear Childhood Love Apologies For My Confused Love

Dear Sharon,

I loved you for the right reasons right visions and at the fine times yet I failed.I failed not that I wanted yet she wanted me too strongly that she did not back down to let me not know.I became alive with the fire you sparked in me and I dreamed of you ever time immemorial my eyes set upon you on her birthday date.

I am truly the reason why today,

My dream of you still haunts my conscience rest

If I had known to rely on the console of your affections growing as a girl

I would have realized a girl is no woman or lady

Yet a woo man is a lady and a girl at the concurrent hour

Oh if the ifs would not be….

Then Justin Timberlake would still sing for us

 I and you in the sands

Ow You and I would be holding hands

Sorry but I was thinking only bout me

And now a boy sees a man deserves giving his whole

A girl deserves a better whole and a woman the whole whole

Of the best all

All in all how I changed perspectives is

Wholly the all I would have given

Yet now my apology is to

She your cousin for she is now not with I

And to me that I am now not with her nor you

Plus to you Sharon for you and  I

Still can work it out from

Adult’s perspective of the divine

Nature of a girl and boy’s perspective

Of forgiveness

Yes my apology that

Your mother and Lavender’s mum

Had to be part of my consistent push

For us to groove when

Your heart won’t be and hadn,t been moved

After I never said sorry for fighting for you

And sought to listen to her and find her

When your girlish ways made me pine away

Away for the love

My Life has not and naught for

To date.

May 18th 2016.(6 years of Sorriness)

Sorry that I loved the way I lied,

Not anymore.


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