Are You Aunthentic?Personal Branding!?

Have you ever been awoken with water draining or a splash of water pouring on you in bed? Probably nothing  of the sort if not how possible could it be? You are probably not in Huruma..are you? Ha ha!To be serious its impossible and you already would have moved out. No wonder I am here to just pour out that lazy mood out of you.To re-brand your knowledge that life cannot be this sucking. Wake to your call of a personal identity that is visibly, authentically,powerfully ,consistently & uniquely answered by the panelists that  have already branded themselves below.

Lynette Wairimu

Have you ever met a young lady whose mature look would make you smile back at her naturally?She is the one lady whose brand apart from leading Technobrain’s Learning Development team and Horizon contact centers accounts where both of us worked as a team she personalized her brand in any room she leaves or enters. She started with a slide presentation explaining why the golden egg stands out from the white eggs. The 5 tips that were a lesson to what our personal brands are, is authentic,visible,consistent,valuable and powerful. She further insisted that  growing one’s skills underlines certain models as:Knowing yourself-Your objective-Your target & medium.By these one constructidentifiers,claims territories, cultivates relationships then ultimately conserves the brand.’What you consciously present to the world,’ I wish to quote the first words that kick started the motion on personal brand .

Amina Abdi

Go for it! Go for it! She has that acumen that would spark your ambition levels. She really does a lot little to be noted of her role as a mother.Her message focused on how to prioritize with the different roles you have to play in regards to a personal brand.The reason for completion in her vast roles as a mother and change maker lied in having a personal mentor as she claimed. Questions were the other part of her way to personal branding. ‘What time do I start out? ‘was one candid question she posed for realizing your goals to an owned brand.She advises on how Rabbit a Kenyan musicianAnne Anyango owns an  empire in initiating lots of start-ups related to the needs of humanity& Kenyans like Kaka condom live.This was a referral to a young talented upcoming hip hop artist in the room. Finally, she’s caught quoting Kanye West’s saying ,’I envision myself at a time when my role model is gone be my competition.’Urging the youth why their brand will be an envied mirror for even our own emulators. Further she quotes Carol Mutuko’s valuable circles principle, ‘If you want to elevate you must allow yourself to separate.’

The following panelists had a view of their personal brands on 3 basic themes. These were:

Their personal brands and their own journey/transitions to realizing it to date.

Their view on their personal brand in cohesion to Yusudi.

Their view of their brands in retention of their African/personal cultures.

Renee Ngamau

She is a soft-spoken  mum whom  brought herself out in a commanding brand through 3 major words phrase sentence, pursue your purpose which she arguably mentioned to be her only 3 words of power.She brought a life story into our conscious mirror of her own son learning of a black president in an Indian(Asian) locality in his British class. And how her African print dress codes marketed her personal brand out in African themes after she had left Britain. Aside from her life story sharing of the journey to Damascus she left an aching food for thought Question which was,’what values are you carrying in your brand and how does it serve you?’

Patricia Kihoro

Her story was one of a fail-fare journey having to deal in a relationship that she fell out&in 6 times before her brand was realized in conjunction with her purpose. She shares how honesty is the only connection she has to what she truly is. Vulnerability is her way to connect to Yusudi’s value of exemplifying humble ambition. Yet her unfair advantage in all this constituted in connections resonating to more human accessibility. More so, thirst for adventure led her to soaking the audience in our seats on how she customarily fused her talents of singing & acting with media engagements all into one space. Genius or what!? Creative! Isn’t it? This was still her lesson on how to handle multiple roles that one is passionate about.Blending her life experiences with  her acting role on Life in the single show also was a lesson for us concerning how she was brought up in a modern societal frame yet championed the African culture.

Anyango Anne

Listen. Ow! She has a taste of fashion and brand with not one or two but three candid brands.Her hair to begin with!Her dress code and finally her unwavering touch of vibrant voice.’Passion, relationships and consistency.’ In these three she proved  that loving whatever one does, applying effort and hard work gets one beyond their own circumstances. Hence authenticity which is a value of Yusudi’s only realized once you have a story , share it and through sharing, a creative path is reached. Not only did she say this but also imprinted why culture which is a traditional expression of one finally makes one consistent.She shared her transitional process from the normal  girl to the grown lady by changing her brand name from Kipusa to Anyango Mpyenga .This following the competitive edge brought about by some few female figures who had started overriding her growing brand .She just couldn’t stand them growing their names out of her hard-earned brand.Another of her successes was the utilization of her name to grasping a wider market.She also had to practice listening to what people say to set her brand apart from others.Her greatest achievement which to date still is a great pride of hers was having her fashion design work fully featured on the Turning book.

Nyandia Anne 

A graphic designer who had lived in America astounded us with her transitioning world from American to Kenya to be precise.She met her challenges just upon her landing back to her soil. Penetrating the local market was hard enough she recalls.She finally opted to embrace what she had a distaste for, teaching to fit to her brand. She could not bear the thought of managing her brand from head to toe.Even so she started teaching design from 2011 she has accomplished an outreach project.She really believes that trying to fill her time with teaching being a breaking time ultimately and ironically it became her big break.Her personal brand achievements was based on the impact of the lives she’s connected with.Touching vehemently on the fact that owning who she is through infusing stock imagery usage has reflected on her cultural foundation.Going on to culture Nyandia case studies the surroundings, locality and a person but not a battle of the same. Her cultural statement read out vividly that,“I can be something else on the  outside yet instilled with a sense of black pride.”  


We had to courteously excuse Nick Ndung’u and Muhammed Maqbul who had  been awaited for by the audience as part of the panel. I personally was challenged and caught a gist of how I can persistently and consistently brand my person and grow my culture. Inevitably by retaining my 3 elder mentors.Other activities to the event was a balloon D.I.Y practice lesson on blowing and familiarizing with your own brand by drawing whom you really think are. Great thing we all got to play a part.Hope you got a more visual practical lesson on how you can mirror the authenticity of your personal brand because I did.So much so so. Let me leave the room so you can talk about me.Brand me now. Adios!




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