Actions, Words & Heart   temperaments


Do you ever ask yourself about where your level of trust lies? Guess not. Yet once born into the world, trust is a basis for relationships and even ranks or friendships. Well I tell you the obvious aspects that I used to deduce one’s trust thermometer.Either you measure yours or another’s. Do you love doing , saying, feeling? Only you know but I do all none my favorite as i employ all. You heard about the adage ..guard your dreams they become your thoughts..your thoughts…actions..guard,,they ..your habits and unto character till it spills to reputation. And reputation boils down to legacy. Here comes my bombshell dropped down question.Do you usually do more than you say or feel or say more than you do or feel more than the vice versa?

Vibes are called sweet-nothings-words.Verbs are actions of nouns,doings. Valor is a noun that can bring out the perspective of one about the other hence a feeling of state of judgement.

A brief analogy of a boyfriend towards the girlfriend. I once met a sweet chic by the road and she spelled a sweet name as Shanelle. We exchanged numbers though I did only emails and promised to get back to her as she responded, ‘I’ll be waiting.’Then the but came ..I didn’t. This Saturday morning I come across Shanelle then recall I never buzzed her. Funny bit she doesn’t recognize. She asks ,”who are you?’ In my efforts to recap her down memory lanes I make the call…she picks and spells her name and asks who am I speaking to….Ow! Shantelle and….hahaha!

Trust.Trust? Yes. Is earned! My words were I will call. If it were a promise, then broken. My action was to call. If it were a test then failed. my feeling..probably none but would be ‘she was fly..she too good to be true…I will eventually get to know her or nai**….her.”Just thoughts carried in mind but passive hence ending on my subconscious. You already been informed too well that them who speak too much are politicians. And them who do so much are …sh! Listen, saints or entrepreneurs /responsible  or rather investors like Trump or Dankote. And for all who feel passionate, are risk takers , planner evaluators ..Jeez! JUDGES!?

Getting back to track as a thinker i would test your conscious,what habit-you possess? Is it of doing? An entrepreneur/ implementor? Of saying? A politician/specialist or motivator? A plant or a change maker/schemer or a monitor evaluator ? really who are the five-finger circle of influences, friends you keep? who are the common company you keep? The five persons whom you relate with most are what you are. Those friends are who you become eventually. Let me throw the towel to you to base your own trust levels, your partner’s  by silently listening to them or him/her. Ultimately conclude if they are or you are actors? Wordsmiths? Or Heart runs?



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