You …will Never have A Friend…

Like me.Like me?Like me!

Yes a friend like me with taste of what you are feeling what you love sipping but cannot take down. Swallowing good things or food is very attractive to the gut. Yes! You and I know this and affirm it yet a gun to your throat? Who can even allow? You will be urinating on yourself and the eyes you will wear will speak of you honestly, “Lord have mercy and kindly I will give you everything or anything..take…” This is me talking to us, to we who love being friends when it’s only W.I.I.F.M, then when it comes to S.O.S you and I get to vermoose.

I start back in the days with Pac and he told me to tell my girlfriends, ‘You will never have a friend like me.’ No wonder no woman alive has ever witnessed struggles I survived.We were seated at the pillar of West side reminiscing the times we contemplated suicide and I saw an Imam say hello to me,a Christian.Was it possible that you were more than the pagan who passed that day and didn’t even say hi.I bet not but Trump was riding high and told us Clinton had better died.

‘Yes in heaven,’ Brad Genius,told Pac we would rather ride than die of misery tying to kill phony niggers like Donald had prophesied.You have a girlfriend and you rather die than leave her,to me you a lady too that’s homicide.To sit here and don’t do nothing!? Why do you even preach Peace to my family and I just lost my own? I was in the election in two O Clyde and all I knew is the world is Bonny and its me and my girlfriend 96 on my grind doing 85 on my ride stuck in the whirlwind…

So before you ask me whether I can help you or not, ask me ,can you help you and trust we?

We go to the place where you wanna thug living to a bitch winning and yea I won’t deny ya I’m a straight rider, I won’t …..wichya! Just Hit me up cause we already heat ’em up!       


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