WHEN Woman Can Speak

We live and are born by them yet we rarely let them be heard. You a woman with constant eyes of your image’s imperfections. You seem to feel you are not worth yet you make the world more worth. Men of tradition always implicating their superiority over your place in society and at home. I write this so you may learn that as a man I not only love it when you can stand to your feet but also when you can raise the heat at the moment in terms of perfect speech.

While God created man out of soil He made you out of our bones. Remember I was asleep when you were being molded from flesh from bones. No wonder you are a quick visionary and instinctive being than I in the cognitive subconscious. Your heart beats faster so does your brain think faster and memory has more connection to the things of life. So as I tire bringing out why you can voice out your heart and mind guess you already know why you should speak.

It is in the world that the girl child nowadays is being defended by international and national federations and organizations. These standards are bringing the new value of women in society against the backward version of their status in society. It is now that women should speak and for the generations that are coming too. Men who treat their women as Gold will win themselves a place in Heaven as their loyalty encourages the woman’s voice.It empowers their purpose of say and outlook not forgetting perceptions and beliefs.

So if you are a woman and are undergoing husband battery ,disloyalty or gender inequality and mediocrity,STOP! Time to rise and shine. Your image, your beauty , your unconditional love and steady heart are tools for escape and revolution. Be patient yet steadfast and stand up and say NO. It is my time to prove my worth ,my esteem my speech my world. Since when you pray your body becomes one with God, why won’t you sell out that fear that low self-esteem that quiet to the true man-God and drop this short fake man who shouts slaps and noises over you that, ‘you are no body.’

You are someone special, a refined being of man. Woman is the woo of a man. If you are the one calling…without speaking ,attracting with beauty and features ,like weather,then why not thunder and pour yourself out like rain with hailstones cause you can now speak like the wind and breeze in yourself but burst out like the sun rays over the horizons and speak now unto the nations that will become our generations.












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