What are your hobbies? Mines are vast unlike or like yours. Yet one stands out,music and living the genre kind of my music. Hip Hop my dears is what defines my lifestyle. I have been listening to hip hop since six years of age& now that I am my name years, living it for real and yet still. Well you may think it absurd but there are reasons to why I am wired to it. Blood and soul!

Hip hop is a culture, one that reads in the world of influence. A culture with history and dates back from the 70’s of nineteens.Well started by the Bronx,DJ Afrika, Bambaataa, who were the New Yorker’s of the popular trademark.Yes and its affluent growth and aspect was built upon four pillars. The Mc, the Dj the Breaks and Graffiti. All these had art in it and involved rhythmic beats by loop of breaks to rhythmic chanting called, rap to beat boxing.In the South Bronx hence a dancing, dressing pattern, evolved with the culture.

Originality is the other reason apart from culture,history and pillars. Anyone living loves to be identified with their background. Yes, all of us do.Imagine an identity that is well-known endowed and sought after without advertisement or proclamation.It is almost as a personal brand and hip hop does this to me. It speaks about my background, welfare and personality without much ado. So ’tis my blueprint.It pays me in summary all what man needs to be paid in person. Popularity, fame, peace of mind, relations, artistry and respect plus all that comes with a few extra pennies that I duly or effortlessly work for. Talent exposed!

Well I would go on but would not leave out style.Hip hop is a lifestyle and got its fashion and group.It is influential since its culture evolves every minute every time and leaves an impact wherever its practiced or listened to.Hip hop has a dancing style which sets it aside from others ,break dancing.It has a way of mixing music called disc jockeying and a creation of beats and measured in 16 bars of a time frame.Hip Hop is just why I do not believe in stress for Tupac made it till my era with his music and still has a legacy unmatched to the best talents proclaimed today like Kendrick Lamar.

So before I leave you,you may guess I have forgotten but I remind you, it’s for me a pillar.And not to forget to mention, blood and art.Blood for it moves me against all negativity and builds my bond to new energy from groups that relate to it.The art is what keeps us innovating and the community one stronghold of wealth.We are the ones that live to influence and go by the name of political lyricists.Our politics lies in exposing truth and condemning the untrue and vices by the governments of our nations lyrically.Hence I would love to welcome all who listen to other genres and do not have a place in them or knowledge for them to join the Hip Hop black refine. Let’s game for this my other religion.Real and African American-the American dream.


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