YUSUDI My Kusudi

In my dreams I have stumbled along vexing theories of real life successes. I wish to quote them.’Read hard so you can have better grades,’ ‘pass your exams with flying colors and go to a national school,’ ‘attend every class and pay attention to your teachers,’ go for lectures and read ahead keep short notes and revise,’ ‘practice the three R’s Read Review …Oh I forgot the last one.And to this day did those ideologies help me find my passion and interest towards my personal and career growth? I do not believe so.

That is why Yusudi had to be the only key experience that I have to appreciate for realizing my dreams.For at yusudi you and I get to be directed towards a goal defined path.The reason as to its appraisal is their mission statement and vision.That finding a personal purpose is the motivation behind the youth in personal fulfillment and common wealth.This is enabled through eyes that seek  a prosperous society through holistic creative education which uniquely sets aside every individual.

There you go you find that the mission ‘personal purpose being found by you and I deeply co-relates to the vision.Which is targeted towards one’s or our talents and interests.Are you interested in growth? And in both career and personal capacity? Well I wish to let you google yusudi and invest in your life and future. Just with 98 dollars which can be paid in Kenyan shillings and also in two ways.

12733545_1538954636398826_8145431077526823071_nJoin me in this self-fulfilling progress and process that you will never regret. 




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