Is there anyone without purpose?Are there many who find it fulfilled or missing?It’s a truth,we have to face as a challenge nowadays.Rick Warren tries to demystify this through his popular book,’the God Driven Purpose.’With Biblical quotes and narratives that are eye openers-placing one through a narrative experience.Most of us have read it while some of us brushed it away.Is it truth or false? Be the judge but I am about to speak my truth.

When I was asleep at the age of eight I dreamed of a mathematical answer.It came a night prior  to the examination paper.It gave me an answer as c and a certain number.When the actual day came the question was as it was in my dream.Since my calculations were not pretty much accurate,I ended dependent on the dream answer.After the papers what happened was the shock of my dreams!My dream answer according to question forty-eight was correct.Since then I believed that dreams can speak to us.

Now that I am grown I believe there are two categories of dreamers.The right dreamers and left. And  I am a left.Just to put it simply that right dreamers love mathematical problems and logical questions whereas left dreamers are artistic and musical.In relation to these two hemispheres of the human brain,I will define modes of dream realization.

The left brainer should know that it’s usually a circle before you get to your dreams.Since the world in Kenya  keeps you like academicians.So you end up whirling to different areas not related to you until you get noticed by other left brainer or a right thinker.The likes of Bahati, Kaka Sungura, Octopizzo, Churchill, Owago, Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Victoria Rubadiri.They all share the sweet tongue attributes.The right ones are the upper class honors students who end up being medical doctors,professors engineers and technical gurus.They do not please with sweet words but put their hands and brains to fix problems by utilizing knowlegde.These like Collymore Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobbs just to mention but a few.

Clean-2-e1434699730672.png I wrote this to simplify your journey ,offspring’s&generation’s to their what I call your dreams.One last piece of advice,to be or not to be?Is the question.Are you going for your right brain or left?Where does your instincts and experiences lead you? For I know I am in my left and urging you to select a sphere between the two.So what are you going to do?


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