My life has been poetic since sixteen and poetry is all that I am now. Reading poetry is like reading the Bible. Through the Bible you see God and God sees you. I say through poetry I see myself. Do you imagine words do talk? Yes verses talk better than words. These are the compilations of the words away from prose. Yes you will imagine yourself in the words of a poem. So captivating will be the verse(s) that you will be consumed mind, body, spirit.

For those or for we who think and believe it to be complex just imagine a conversation. Would it be of one person? Then imagine also the person, perception, perspective, place and presence of the writer. In this manner you will be diving into the conversation too. Easy ways to be able to listen to poetry talks is to analyze the title and context. These will enable any person to digest the content and in turn get feedback by own self.

To welcome you to the silent way of talking is my humblest request .  Walking you through this alley of sounds and rhythm is my somber alms . Racing you through the vague or clear motive is my silent nurturing . Letting you conclude the intention of the poem is my best display of liberty . By any chance you read me in a poem , I shall want you to smile again and share me too . We shall talk! Remember word is bond.


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