A Catholic! Why?


Verily I say to you, you shall not understand why holiness is my call and your call till you become true. I believe in a God of three persons. The God-creator, the God-creature, the God-spirit. The Trinity is a mystery and that to me is my why explained.

To the one who holds no belief it’s blind chance while the one who does in differing terms ,it’s because of the Savior, the Christ. Well my Faith is a religion and a doctrine. Vast in history from the word, tradition of the apostles and order of the saints. It has the catechism, teachings of the sound doctrine. For its elements of music, gesture, art and architecture define its uniqueness.

All are called to be Saints, and my mother being a Tanzanian explorer found me in this true faith. I believe because I have reason behind the faith and its practice. I will die a Catholic for the gates of hell will not prevail against me. The Lord did take me away from the world to a place I have never known. On me a Rock has been built and I will be a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek. The sacraments are the proof or the living signs of the unseen gifts of my declaration of holiness.

For the Eucharist is the summit of my all life and my community. Without it then better the sun die for I do not live. It is the one true holiness the apostles observe as they worship and what makes my faith the universal church.Universal as all over you and I profess, I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. Ask me again, ‘Why?’ And this is so. http://www.ignatius.com/Products/TEV-P/test-everything.aspx In nomine et Patre et Filius et Sempre .Amen


SEX …My Deep Thoughts

See Endlessly {X}out. See Eat {X}out. Second Everyone {x} cancellations. Support Ends X. Not many know or talk about this subject thoroughly. Instead most only have come to the realization they are sexual beings. Therefore I will vividly cover its essence.

Knowledge is power and so is sex. It is the only power that gets men fascinated too much to


overindulged in its practice. Yet you ,I and we have never asked, ‘where does it originate from?’ I call upon you to refer to the good book if you are Christian. For the non-believer , reflect and mirror on your gonads. Does not each of the two, you and he and she find the fact that blood, the heart and thoughts that string along hormones are involved. Sexuality is for all, the believer and non-believer a question of their daily lives.

Going back to the good book, in Genesis. I will call to mind without quoting verses the topic addressed vastly in various chapters and verses. Multiplying, subduing the earth {heart}.The eyes of Eve or her spirit’s leads to conversation with the most cunning. The serpent on the forbidden tree at the middle. Leading to a fall and enmity between creature and creature and division of place between Creator and creature. and my question is ,’why?’ The blood ,the spirit was polluted with one placed in the middle the egocentric creature. The one with the fruit of the tree not flowing from the life of the Creator. The serpent is a symbolism of selfish desire.

My thought is one, to cherish Sex. Yet you ask, ‘why should I and its part of the process..of life?’ Only for sex is a procreation value. Not a tool for pleasure like the fruit was and separated us from the creator. It is to help God continue His tree of life. Expand his kingdom. The word, “but do not eat from this [forbidden]tree,”is the bond between the spirit of man and our first nature-Our creator.

Hence any  time we indulge ,we offer to break the bond ,the word the promise like our first parents and against our first nature-God. We pour the blood  the true spirit in us,out. We deny the willingly the spirit-the knowledge of God. It is the cutting of the tree of life, mixing the earth[heart], vexing the presence and present with selfish passion.

What we ought a do is preserve the body, the word, the bond the tree of life & our first nature , knowledge. Instead we losing power giving it the other. losing our eyes our blood,our deep eyes [focus] ,the blood we giving in exchange for less. Hence Christ came to change this.

Marriage. The birth of a new relationship between creature and nature through the middle man stronger creature ,God-man. So through it we seek a friendship out of the enmity. Joining of the two bloods, minds in the creator not creature. The love-the two hearts becoming one. Parents’ children, Adams children’ Eve’s offspring, coming together.

Why we wait is for Sex is seeking endlessly x-out…before the reparation the bond renewed-marriage. It is paying attention to the fall of the man who took pride to try achieving an infallible being who is only the true one God. The restlessness in exchange of wrong spirits. The wrong trees. False words. Bad bloods[polluted]. Evil [weak] powers. Less knowledge or more confused minds. Lost hearts [earth]/planets. forced prides. dark endeavors. It’s the clashing times preventing ripe seasons and true reasons.

Ultimately it’s the support of the support of the ends of one’s x[virus]. We may think to ourselves, what is the definition of a virus. Isn’t it the Seeing of Eve/Adam Eat  out[x] on Satan’s table. Yes, it’s still the Seconding of each& everyone’s [if not all whom you do not know] viruses[X’s].

One last question. If you are or were married today, would you still say ‘I do,’ to your virus[X]. And Y? Yet, how prestigious or appealing would it be? Let’s assume you had four pillars to form a basis of your argument in regards to whatever answer. They are;



Society[sound support]

Parents  [both,heart]

Disgusting!? X???

Seek out or Seek Endlessly Xes or Sex Not Until Marriage.


https://redeeminggod.com/christians-glorify-satan/sexsatan vs jesus

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What are your hobbies? Mines are vast unlike or like yours. Yet one stands out,music and living the genre kind of my music. Hip Hop my dears is what defines my lifestyle. I have been listening to hip hop since six years of age& now that I am my name years, living it for real and yet still. Well you may think it absurd but there are reasons to why I am wired to it. Blood and soul!

Hip hop is a culture, one that reads in the world of influence. A culture with history and dates back from the 70’s of nineteens.Well started by the Bronx,DJ Afrika, Bambaataa, who were the New Yorker’s of the popular trademark.Yes and its affluent growth and aspect was built upon four pillars. The Mc, the Dj the Breaks and Graffiti. All these had art in it and involved rhythmic beats by loop of breaks to rhythmic chanting called, rap to beat boxing.In the South Bronx hence a dancing, dressing pattern, evolved with the culture.

Originality is the other reason apart from culture,history and pillars. Anyone living loves to be identified with their background. Yes, all of us do.Imagine an identity that is well-known endowed and sought after without advertisement or proclamation.It is almost as a personal brand and hip hop does this to me. It speaks about my background, welfare and personality without much ado. So ’tis my blueprint.It pays me in summary all what man needs to be paid in person. Popularity, fame, peace of mind, relations, artistry and respect plus all that comes with a few extra pennies that I duly or effortlessly work for. Talent exposed!

Well I would go on but would not leave out style.Hip hop is a lifestyle and got its fashion and group.It is influential since its culture evolves every minute every time and leaves an impact wherever its practiced or listened to.Hip hop has a dancing style which sets it aside from others ,break dancing.It has a way of mixing music called disc jockeying and a creation of beats and measured in 16 bars of a time frame.Hip Hop is just why I do not believe in stress for Tupac made it till my era with his music and still has a legacy unmatched to the best talents proclaimed today like Kendrick Lamar.

So before I leave you,you may guess I have forgotten but I remind you, it’s for me a pillar.And not to forget to mention, blood and art.Blood for it moves me against all negativity and builds my bond to new energy from groups that relate to it.The art is what keeps us innovating and the community one stronghold of wealth.We are the ones that live to influence and go by the name of political lyricists.Our politics lies in exposing truth and condemning the untrue and vices by the governments of our nations lyrically.Hence I would love to welcome all who listen to other genres and do not have a place in them or knowledge for them to join the Hip Hop black refine. Let’s game for this my other religion.Real and African American-the American dream.

YUSUDI My Kusudi

In my dreams I have stumbled along vexing theories of real life successes. I wish to quote them.’Read hard so you can have better grades,’ ‘pass your exams with flying colors and go to a national school,’ ‘attend every class and pay attention to your teachers,’ go for lectures and read ahead keep short notes and revise,’ ‘practice the three R’s Read Review …Oh I forgot the last one.And to this day did those ideologies help me find my passion and interest towards my personal and career growth? I do not believe so.

That is why Yusudi had to be the only key experience that I have to appreciate for realizing my dreams.For at yusudi you and I get to be directed towards a goal defined path.The reason as to its appraisal is their mission statement and vision.That finding a personal purpose is the motivation behind the youth in personal fulfillment and common wealth.This is enabled through eyes that seek  a prosperous society through holistic creative education which uniquely sets aside every individual.

There you go you find that the mission ‘personal purpose being found by you and I deeply co-relates to the vision.Which is targeted towards one’s or our talents and interests.Are you interested in growth? And in both career and personal capacity? Well I wish to let you google yusudi and invest in your life and future. Just with 98 dollars which can be paid in Kenyan shillings and also in two ways.

12733545_1538954636398826_8145431077526823071_nJoin me in this self-fulfilling progress and process that you will never regret. 




Is there anyone without purpose?Are there many who find it fulfilled or missing?It’s a truth,we have to face as a challenge nowadays.Rick Warren tries to demystify this through his popular book,’the God Driven Purpose.’With Biblical quotes and narratives that are eye openers-placing one through a narrative experience.Most of us have read it while some of us brushed it away.Is it truth or false? Be the judge but I am about to speak my truth.

When I was asleep at the age of eight I dreamed of a mathematical answer.It came a night prior  to the examination paper.It gave me an answer as c and a certain number.When the actual day came the question was as it was in my dream.Since my calculations were not pretty much accurate,I ended dependent on the dream answer.After the papers what happened was the shock of my dreams!My dream answer according to question forty-eight was correct.Since then I believed that dreams can speak to us.

Now that I am grown I believe there are two categories of dreamers.The right dreamers and left. And  I am a left.Just to put it simply that right dreamers love mathematical problems and logical questions whereas left dreamers are artistic and musical.In relation to these two hemispheres of the human brain,I will define modes of dream realization.

The left brainer should know that it’s usually a circle before you get to your dreams.Since the world in Kenya  keeps you like academicians.So you end up whirling to different areas not related to you until you get noticed by other left brainer or a right thinker.The likes of Bahati, Kaka Sungura, Octopizzo, Churchill, Owago, Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Victoria Rubadiri.They all share the sweet tongue attributes.The right ones are the upper class honors students who end up being medical doctors,professors engineers and technical gurus.They do not please with sweet words but put their hands and brains to fix problems by utilizing knowlegde.These like Collymore Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobbs just to mention but a few.

Clean-2-e1434699730672.png I wrote this to simplify your journey ,offspring’s&generation’s to their what I call your dreams.One last piece of advice,to be or not to be?Is the question.Are you going for your right brain or left?Where does your instincts and experiences lead you? For I know I am in my left and urging you to select a sphere between the two.So what are you going to do?


When it splatters, drops, drips; it will pour as rain. The cows, goats and flowers will have known. The calf hoping, and the goat jumping and the flower hoping with almost open buds. You and I if n…